Thursday, October 16, 2008

ORDERING INFO... finally!!!

Okay, now that the records are getting pressed & the books have already arrived... you can now PRE-ORDER the ADULT CRASH book/7" package!
I will notify everyone when the records have arrived from the plant, so that you will know that your order is getting shipped soon after that.

The pressing info is as follows:
350x BLUE VINYL (mailorder version) ***SOLD OUT***
1000x BLACK VINYL (regular version) ***SOLD OUT***

The white vinyl is now SOLD OUT! Six Feet Under Records & I both sold out of our copies within hours of starting the pre-order process! Thanks to those that have ordered, and we both still have limited BLUE VINYL, as well as BLACK vinyl. (and now, EVERY VERSION IS ALSO *SOLD OUT*)

The buttons next to each image will take you to Paypal, and each has a pull-down menu to select where you want it shipped.

(removed Paypal/ordering link)

You can also order thru Six Feet Under Records. SFU Records is starting pre-orders the same time I am, but Dave Sausage will be on-tour with Blacklisted until almost Thanksgiving. I will begin shipping orders placed through me as soon as the records are back from the pressing plant.

***If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still order from me***
Mail money orders(payable to DAVE BROWN) or well-concealed cash to:
P.O. BOX 17365
(if you do not use Paypal, you may miss out on the color vinyl versions... but if we still have them when we get your payment, you'll get the rarest version we have in-stock)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Delays... of course.

The books are here, arriving a week ago and currently locked up in self-storage. They look awesome too!

The master is at the pressing plant... but... the records will not be done nearly as soon as I had hoped. I am hoping the lacquer will be cut next week, and test presses sent out soon after. If all goes right, I am hoping to have the finished records back from the pressing plant in mid-November. 'Hoping' is the crucial word here, as we all know that things can happen.

So instead of starting to take pre-orders on October 1st... It was decided to push back the pre-order process until the 16th of October. This way we'll have a better idea of a pressing plant schedule, and can pass along this info to everyone as we find out more.

There will be a very easy-to-use cart button on the Vicious Circle Records MySpace page to make the pre-order process as simple as possible.

Thanks again for your patience... and more updates soon...
Dave B/Vicious Circle Records