Thursday, October 8, 2009

My book got plugged on Sirius/XM Radio yesterday!

Earlier this week, I sent a box of goodies to The Jason Ellis Show, including a copy of Adult Crash. The main thing I was sending was a Master P talking doll... but I included some extra stuff as well, since I am a huge fan of his show. They were talking about the doll on the air, and then my book got mentioned, with some brief background information about me & what the book was about too. It blew my mind... and it was also quite an honor, since I as a fan of the show I was hearing nice things said about me on the air.

I still have copies of the book, and am down to around 75 at this point. I missed most of the Summer fests, and mailorders have slowed a bit... but if you have not ordered one - get one while you still can. I am not reprinting it, so when they are gone, they're gone for good.

You can get it from Revelation Distribution, or you can order direct from me here.

I am slowly starting work on the next volume of Adult Crash... keep checking back for updates... and thanks for the support!!! Oh, and RED DRAGONS!!! DB

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