Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Happy New year! Kicking things off with a brand new release ... GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS and VICIOUS CIRCLE RECORDS are extremely excited to bring you the debut 7" from Richmond's SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS! SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS have been kicking around town for about a year or so now ... causing a spectacle and turning heads at every show they play. While they've managed to keep themselves under the radar by staying inside the Richmond city limits until recently, with no proper release until now (aside from the limited tape of this EP at last year’s No Way Fest), we are pretty sure this 7" will make them a household name before long.

Featuring Kenny from GOVERNMENT WARNING on vocals, Brandon from, uh, every band in Richmond (GW, Direct Control, you know the list ...), on guitar, and some other bad dudes holding the rhythm down, "TOO MUCH TV" is their first (of hopefully many more) vinyl offering, and it is definitely one infectious slab of wax. This six song EP serves up some ferocious rock and roll, drawing heavy influences from 70's punk and the rock and roll swagger of 60's garage bands; it's raw enough to keep you on your toes and catchy enough to hook you after one listen.

As always, we've got some nice colored vinyl (BLUE VINYL to be exact) for mailorder in the GRAVE MISTAKE WEBSTORE ... less than 100 left though, so get on that!

You can order the record via the GRAVE MISTAKE WEBSTORE:

Stores, distros, labels, anyone who would like copies for distro (wholesale, trade, etc) please email Alex at: He will deal direct and is always down to trade, so hit him up and let's work something out ...

Here is their MySpace page where you can hear some songs:

Thanks for reading … now go order it!
Dave/Vicious Circle Records

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